Product : AT860D

product description

● closed loop control using sensor, microcontroller zero trigger temperature control,
    rapid heating, accurate and stable.
● wind thermostat knob, dual-window LED display, easy to operate.
● provide quick access to functions commonly used in fast switching temperature air flow mode.
● Plug-in temperature management to prevent staff hackneyed temperature freely.
● handle shortcut keys design, adjustable temperature and air volume, easy to use.
● diaphragm pump power, pressure, nozzle can be used with a variety of use.
● sleep function, save energy.
● Smart Cooling system, air shutdown delay, more effective protection of hot air handle.
● output power, heating quickly.

Technical Parameters

Power consumption: 600W
Input voltage: 220VAC ± 10% 50Hz
Temperature range: 150 ℃ ~ 500 ℃ (302 ℉ ~ 932 ℉)
Display: Dual LED screen display
air volume ratio range: 020 ~ 099
pump types: diaphragm pump
gas flow rate: 23L / min (MAX)
noise: <52dB (A)
host dimension: L243 * W188 * H162mm
Weight: about 4.3Kg
applicable nozzle: AT860D series of nozzles

packing list

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packing list:

Host computer
1 set
Wind firearms rack 1 set
Heat Gun 1
manual 1
power cable 1
Card 1

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If you find inaccurate product information, welcome correction


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