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product description

Functional Description:
KPS3050DA DC switching power supply with constant voltage / constant current mode of operation.
Having the output current (KPS3030DA output 30A, KPS3050DA output 50A), light weight, built-in over-temperature protection and so on.
Can be used as system power laboratory research and development, but also as a production and maintenance of aging power testing, scientific research, production, education, and other units of the necessary equipment.

Technical Parameters

Rated output voltage: 0 ~ 30V
Rated output current: 0 ~ 50A
Power supply voltage: 220V ± 5% 50Hz (can be customized 110V ± 6% 60Hz)
Working conditions: temperature 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ Relative humidity <80%
Storage conditions: Temperature - 10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ relative humidity <70% of the
rated output power: 1500W
weight: 6.0KG
dimensions: 260 (W) x 170 (H) x 310 (D) mm
output voltage: continuously adjustable between 0 ~ 30V
output current : continuously adjustable between 0 ~ 50A
power supply effect: CV≤0.01% + 3mV CC≤0.1% + 6mA
load effect: CV≤0.05% + 10mV (I ≤ 10A) CC ≤ 0.1% + 6mA (I ≤ 10A)
           CV ≤0.05% + 20mV (I> 10A) CC ≤ 0.1% + 6mA (I> 10A)
ripple noise: CV≤ (5Hz ~ 1MHz) CC ≤ (5Hz ~ 1MHz
voltage meter display accuracy: ± (0.5% rdg + 2 words)
ammeter display accuracy: ± (0.5% rdg + 2 words)
Withstanding voltage: leakage current ≤1mA (test conditions input ground 1700VAC / 2s)
insulation resistance: insulation resistance ≥7MΩ (test conditions input to ground 500VDC / 5s)
work: constant voltage / constant current
protection mode: current-limiting blood pressure, short circuit protection, over temperature protection
cooling: air-cooled

packing list

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Parts List
Device Host: 1 set
Handle components: 1
Instructions: 1

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