Product : ST100

product description

◆ smart sensors work and non-work state.
◆ intelligent cooling and thawing.
◆ automatic standby, shut down to protect the user's personal and property safety and extend the service life.
◆ silver alloy heater rapid heating.
●  The new styling, LCD display screen, can display a variety of setting parameters
●  menu-driven operation, parameter adjustment more simple and intuitive.
●  Visualization of process control, analog bar indicates the intensity of heating.
●  three sets of shortcuts for accessing temperature, quickly switch to the normal temperature.
● provide temperature lock function, to facilitate the production line process control.
●  Intelligent standby, shutdown, standby, shutdown time can be adjusted, more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly.
● information ring feature, you can choose to turn on or off.
●  software calibration temperature is more accurate, more convenient, allowing users long-term use can still maintain the factory consistent good performance.
● This product uses low voltage heating element, completely isolated power grid, to ensure welding safety.
● adopt a common AT800 series of imported high-grade iron head, fever and body assembled separately, reducing the user's cost.
● iron seat separation design, space-saving, easy to place.


Technical Parameters

Input voltage: AC (100V / 110V / 120V || 220V / 230V / 240V) 50 / 60Hz (optional)
Total power: 100W
Heater voltage: 24VAC
temperature range: 150-480 ° C / 302-896 ° F
School Temperature Range: ± 50 ° C / ± 90 ° F
Temperature accuracy: ± 10 ° C
Temperature stability: ± 2 ° C (in still air, no load)
Automatic Standby time: 120 minutes
Standby temperature: 150 ° C
Auto Off Time: 120 minutes
Temperature Regulation: 5 word units (default) / 1 word units (spinner)
Heater: Silver alloy heater
Temperature lock: Have
Beep: Have
Tip ground impedance: <2 ohms
Tip-to-ground voltage: <2 mV
physical dimension: L175 * W115 * H95 mm
Machine weight: 2.4KG
Applicable tip: AT800 series tip

packing list

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Parts List
Device Host: 1 set
Handle components: Group 1
Iron seat: 1
power cable: 1
Instructions: 1
Clean Cotton: 1

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