Product : DP1000 Automatic IC Programming System

DP1000 Automatic IC Programming System

DP1000 is the brand new automated programming system developed by DediProg. It is extra lightweight and compact compared to DP3000, as the size is 50% smaller!

With the ProgMaster Universal Programmer embedded in DP1000 and various input/output peripherals, the system can provide an overall solution for IC programming.

Support all kinds of IC families, such as SPI NAND/NOR FLASH、EEPROM、eMMC、MCU…etc. The system is embedded in 2 sets of ProgMaster-S8 Programmer providing 16 programming sites which providing stable quality and high throughput.


Options :
  • ProgMaster Programmer-U8
  • Socket Adaptor
  • Automatic SOP IC Tube Loader
  • Manual Tube In Loader
  • Mechanical Tape Feeder
  • Electrical Tape Feeder
  • Automatic Taping Machine
  • Tray Loader
  • lnk-Marker
  • CCD Camera

Advanced Features Available

  • Support All IC Families and different Input/output Peripherals
  • 1.Input/output: Tube, Tape and Tray
    2.Supported IC: EEPROM, NOR/NAND FLASH, MCU..etc. 
    3.Supported Package:SOP, SSOP, TSOP, PLCC, QFN, LQFP, BGA..etc.
  • High Throughput
    Embedded with 2 units of ProgMaster-U8 programmers and expand up to 16 programming sites. The system performs 1,000 UPH.
  • Adjustable Socket Actuating Kit
    Adjust socket actuating kits easily and quickly according to socket size when changing other type of socket adaptors. No need to buy extra socket actuating kits.
  • Software Support Work Project
    Press Start Button to start programming after loading work project so operators will not load wrong file or select wrong IC part number.
  • Optional Ink Marker When Tape Out
    Different color available; support dot, character and number.


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