Product : DP600 Semi-Auto Tape and Reel Taping Machine

DP600 Semi-Auto Tape and Reel Taping Machine

Description :

DP600, a new generation Tape and Reel taping machine which has already taken patents in several countries. Designed to be simple, easy operated; tape width adjustment can be finished within 10 seconds without any tool. DP600 supports devices packaged in 8~88mm width tape. With advanced characteristics DP600 offers the best solution for manufacturing process.

Advanced Features Available

  • Precise Ball Screw synchronous parallel adjustment of the rail width, finish tape
  • width adjustment within 10 seconds without tools.
  • PSA (Press sensitive adhesive) and hot melt sealer.
  • Patent tenon positioning device of tape width, user can fine-tune the tape width.
  • Two sets of press blade moves up and down through precise rail and use micrometer to synchronously adjust the position of upper press blade and blade holder. Able to independently control press, speed and temperature so that it can ensure the best sealing quality.
  • Driven by Japanese SMC 16mm diameter cylinder. Changeable press blade & blade base and easy maintenance.
  • Equipped with stepper to drive ratchet mechanism
  • Protection covers for heat sealer to avoid scald
  • CE certificat
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