Product : APC-100


APC-100 is a transferring system which can be used for transfering device in/out from tray, tube and Reel. It uses industry computer which makes all of the movement precisely and speedily. You can add the AOI module as well.


Automated tray-in
  • Stack up to 10 tray with JEDEC standard for waiting and empty tray area. Automated push in the waiting area for robot pick movement. Automated pull for the empty tray and keep them in the area.
  • Auto-detect and alarm system to inform waiting and empty tray area situation. Use the Step motor to drive the timing belt which make the ball screw is able to exactly transfer the system movement procedure.
  • Horizontal line movement adopts Servo motor close loop control mode, precisely and speedily. Vertical line movement adopts Fuzzy control mode,will not damage the devices. SMT level nozzle, long life time and reliable.
Tape and reel taping machine
  • Supports 8~58mm adjustable tape width. Automated detect if the carrier tape on the wrong position. Automated detect and alarm for jam and empty package. Provide convenient and easy operation user interface.

On-Line Video


Control System
  • Operating system: PC-based control with Windows XP
  • Display: 17" TFT LCD monitor
  • Data entry: keyboard/mouse
Operation Requirement
  • Input voltage: AC200 ~ 245V, Single-phase, 3-wires
  • Input line frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 450W
  • Dimension: 800 x 950 x 1312 mm (W/D/H)
  • Weight: 300kg
Standard Accessories
  • APC-100 main unit ..........x1
  • ATT-200 automatic tray 
  • Transporter ....................x1
  • CD ................................x1 
  • (Windows XP OS: IPC driver, operating software and user manual are included )

Optional Accessories
  • Tube In: Semi-Automatic Tube Loader STI-3-xxxkit (xxx:IC size), 3kg
  • Tube Out: Semi-Automatic Tube unloader STO-3-xxxkit (xxx:IC size), 3kg
  • Tape In: Automatic Feeder ATF-1-xxxkit (xxx:IC tape width) , 2kg
  • Tape Out: Automatic Taping Machine ATM-32 / 58, 15kg
  • AOI Module
  • Mark Machine: Mark Tape out devices (MK-1)
  • Nozzle: In accordance with IC size



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