Product : LEAPER-S6



Pocket Universal Programmer
Smart-phone size and ICT level universal programmer
The LEAPER-56 is a pocket size universal programmer. It provides with 75MHz bandwidth and < ±2.5nS signal skew just in smart-phone size. The programming efficiency is much better than the other programmers on the market in any time and any condition.

By letting your PC or laptop connect with LEAPER-56, it will perform your outstanding ability of development and debugging. You can easily have professional factory-level productivity.


  • Portable mini size. Without socket, only 136mm(L)* 90mm(W)* 20mm(H). You just need to connect with USB cable to
    use. No additional power supply.
  • Provide with DUT 75MHz bandwidth and < ±2.5nS signal skew. In addition to the high processing speed, you can verify
    whether the ICs processing frequency meets the specifications.
  • Via USB HUB, you can connect multiple LEAPER-56s to do gang programming. It makes development and mass production proficient.
  • Provide with DUT device pin checking and memory components ID verification. Ensure the best yield rate of processing.

LEAPER-56 is most suitable on the mobile environment.
The best way to perform your professional capacity and working efficiency.
LEAPER-56 supports the operation system


  • Device power signal
    • Logic signal level: 1.5V~6.0V,10mV
    • IOL, IOH current: 10mA
    • Logic signal frequency: 75MHz (3-5V), 60MHz (2.5V), 45MHz (1.8V), 25MHz (1.5V)
    • Signal skew: <±2.5nS (3-5V)
    • Clock frequency: 0Hz ~ 75MHz
    • VDD, VIO level: 1.5V~6.5V,10mV
    • IDD, IIO frequency: 400mA
    • VPP, VHH level: 1.5V~15.5V,20mV
    • IPP, IHH frequency: 150mA
  • Power consumption: 4W
  • Pin drivers: 48 Pin Uuiversal Pin Driver (Zero Inser ion Force)
  • DUT socket: DIP 48 ZIF
  • Dimension: 136(L) x 90(W) x 20(H) mm, Socket is not induded
  • Weight: 282g
PC System Requirements
  • Operating system: Win  8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32bits & 64bits) 
  • Processor: Pentium 4 above
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM above
  • Hard disk: 500 MB above / buffer: 1GB above
  • Communication: USB 2.0 high speed only
  • USB powered: Connect the cable with 2 USB port (900mA above)
Supported Devices
Supported File Formats
  • Binary/Machine Code, Intel HEX,TEK HEX, Motorola HEX
  • Must use the USB cable from the standard package, and connect to the USB ports behind your PC. Besides please also connect it with 2 USB ports, or through the USB Hub (5V/1A).
  • When you need adapters to process the high-speed components, be sure to use good quality adapters. In order to have the best high-frequency process performance, the socket and DUT must keep good contact.


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