Product : SU-6080


Stand-alone eMMC Gang 8 Programmer / Duplicator
High programming quality with frien
dly-operation and ultra-high speed. 

The SU-6080 is designed to meet eMMC device content programing / duplication / verification/ manufacturing needs with ultra-high speed 4 bits/50MHz.  SU-6080 features high-performance, stand-alone operating eMMC device sockets by 1 master source and 8 target sockets supporting.  SU-6080 is equipped with unique function and offers Partition, Auto, Mirror, File, User, and AutoScan mode of both Copy and Verify operations suitable for various applications.  


  • Provide 16x2 LCD and 5 keys for Stand-alone mode. Just need to select the project file and start programming. 
  • User-friendly for Copy and Verification operation in Partition / Auto / File / Mirror / User / AutoScan mode. 
  • Supports eMMC BOOT-1/2, General Purpose-1/2/3/4, and User Data Area Partitions as well as EXT_CSD register settings copy and verify operation. 
  • Programming speed is up to 4 bits/50MHz. 
  • Please use SU-6010 single site eMMC programmer for producing the master IC. 


  • Socket site: 8 Programming site, 1 master site, 1 update site
  • eMMC standard: MMCA, Ver: 4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4/4.41/4.51
  • Display: Main unit: 16x2 LCD, each site: PASS, FAIL LED
  • Key: 5 keys,  [▲], [▼], [], [], [START]
  • Dimension: 352x302x55mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Power: 100V~240V  50/60Hz  35W

Standard Accessories
  • Main unit x 1
  • User's manual x 1
  • AC power cable x 1

Optional Accessories
  • SU-6080-BGA-12x16
  • SU-6080-BGA-12x18
  • SU-6080-BGA-14x18
  • SU-6080-BGA-11.5x13


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