Product : Mini Automatic Pick and Place Machine

Mini Automatic Pick and Place Machine

DP2006-3 is an upgraded version of DP2006-2 to increase feeder capacity and accept bigger PCB's.

Small desktop automatic pick and place machine with full vision.





  • 2000 estimated pph(parts per hour)
  • 300mm x 420mm working area
  • Placement of 0201 standard
  • Computer vision automatic centering system for IC's (SOP, QFP, BGA) and better placement of small parts, software fly vision centering, included
  • Smart Vision: no need of reference or template pictures for most SMT parts; IC is centered as a whole part and also based on pins. Accurate and easy to use
  • Fully programmable digital Z-axis and Theta rotation angles
  • X and Y axis 0.01mm resolution, 0.045° rotational resolution
  • Stepper motors
  • 30 max. 8mm feeder capacity
  • Automatic PCB board position correction with fiducial recognition included
  • CAD file convert function
  • 12 month full factory warranty - parts & labor
  • Easy to use graphic software for quick programming. Programming can be done with teaching video camera, on screen Gerber file graphics or CAD file
  • 110V AC 60Hz, or 220 V AC, 50Hz, 1500 watts electrical
  • Use a vacuum pump or 60 psi shop air
  • 80 pounds
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