Product : CMS 2000

Desolder Station

The manual Pick & Place system CMS-2000 with manipulator arm CMS-1000 Compact is a low cost modular system that can be added accordingly to your requirements. The manipulator arm CMS-1000 Compact with automatic pipette has a very light movement over the printed circuit boards. The CMS-2000 placing system can be used together with tape/stick feeders and two anti static trays with 42 bins each. This Pick & Place system is suitable for right as well as left handed users without any technical changes.

 Pick & Place system CMS-2000 contains:

• Table support for PCB’s.
• Two magnetic placeholders for PCB’s.
• Arm support, anti static.
• Built in vacuum pump with air switch.
• Vacuum hand pipette.
•Two anti static trays, each containing 42 bins with covers.

Technical information

•   Dimensions: 590 x 250 x 70mm
•   Max. PCB dimension: 200 x 240mm
•   Power: 12VAC 50/60Hz
•   Weight: 6,4 kg
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