Product : Mistral 460

Desolder Station

With touch screen control display, makes the use of an additional CPU unnecessary!! USB printer or storage device can directly be connected to the control.

 The Mistral 460 is a forced air convection reflow oven.

The Mistral 460 convection reflow soldering system uses re-circulated hot air to accomplish reflow at much lower temperatures than IR systems. Using constant, even heating, a great variety of board sizes will reach reflow temperature with the same heat profile. By eliminating set-up time your production line can work to its fullest capacity.
Convection heating provides other advantages over IR. In addition to the wide process window, it works with:

•No shadowing 
•No colour sensitivity 
•No belt load sensitivity 
•No hot spots 
•No cold solder joints

With a belt width of 47 cm and consistent temperature across the entire width the Mistral can easily accommodate your entire production line with speed ups to 1.20 meters/minute.

User friendly touch screen with total control.
The colour graphics system ensures swift operator training with simple menu driven commands. In most cases the operators are self-sufficient within minutes of their introduction to the system. The easy-to-use comprehensive program includes: 6 zone temperature control, full process monitoring, built-in profiling.

“Environment friendly” is more than just a catch phrase tot the Mistral designers.
With reduced energy consumption and carefully controlled air-flow and exhaust systems, your plant will only benefit from its introduction. Ease of access to all parts of the machine ensures fast and easy maintenance. Managing information is quickly available and ancillary processes, such as glue curing, are easily programmed. The Mistral 360 reflow system is built to leas and to perform to the highest standards throughout its long lifetime.

Main features:
•Forced air convection heat for maximum temperatures up to 300°C

•For lead free soldering 
•Forced air convection provides uniform heating and prevents shadowing 
•Six heat zones, each independently controlled for accurate
temperature profiles •Full colour 5” touch screen display serving you as a user friendly interface. 
•Profiling software monitoring:

1) temperature for each zone(numerical and trend) 
2) thermocouple temp (numerical and trend)
3) max. temp.
4) time above critical component temp.
•USB port for direct printing/storage of data and/or graphs 
•Ethernet port for remote access to the control. Servicing the machine can be done from a remote location when connected to your intra network. 
•Full vision view of preheat and reflow zones safely possible due to the use of double hardened heat reflecting glass top windows with forced air cooling. 
•Dynamic heating up control. Sophisticated temperature controlling software for stable temperature levels and smart heating of the chambers to reduce power consumption. 
•Stainless steel spring wires conveyor belt. The relative low mass transport system will keep the heat inside the oven were it belongs. 
•Large bottom cooling fan at offload section to effectively cool down the PCB’s quickly.

Technical information

•380 VAC, 6-phase +N, 16A 50/60Hz.
•Number of zones: 7(6 heating zones, 1 cool down zone)
•Rated power max.: 18,2 kW 
•Temperature regulation accuracy: ≤1ºC 
•Conveyor speed: 15 to 120 cm/min.
•Max. soldering temp: 300ºC for lead free soldering

•Max. clearance for assemblies: 25mm.. 
•Max. soldering width: 500mm 
•Overall length of process chambers: 2400mm. 
•Solder fume extraction pipe: Ø 100mm 
•Heat up time: ≤ 15minutes 
•Dimensions (LxWxH): 3290x950x1110 mm
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