Product : PCB drilling machine Techno-001

Desolder Station

•   Large base plate; 395 x 245 mm., for easy positioning of the PCB.
•   Variable rpm; infinitely adjustable from 8.000 to 20.000 rpm.
•   Quick-spring chuck ; without drill locking key. Suitable for drill shank size 0,5 to 3,2 mm.
•   Adjustable drilling stroke; upper and lower limit of drilling stroke can be defined for optimal up & down movement length of stroke.
•   Adjustable control lever; can be set to desired level.
•   Dust exhaust connection socket for chip removal; can be connected to a vacuum cleaner or central air exhaust system.
•   Drill-spot illumination; for better view on work surface area

Technical information

•   Power: 220-240VAC / 50Hz
•   DC Motor: 130W
•   RPM range: 8000…..20000 RPM
•   Max. torque: 8N-cm
•   Chuck: 0.5…..4.0mm
•   Drilling stroke: 0…..25mm
•   Weight: 8.6kg


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