Product : X-Ray Detector for Foreign Matter

X-Ray Detector for Foreign Matter

 Law on Product Liability (PL) has been effectuated.
Are you able to verify to the consumers that there are no internal defects in your products? 
We pledge that our X-ray detector will maximally reduce your worries.

Detector for foreign matter of XAVIS Co., Ltd. will detect even the minutest foreign matters in finished products.
We have developed the best detector for foreign matter through semi-conductor X-ray inspection technology and automation technology accumulated over period of 10 years at the Samsung Electronics.
Introduction to the Product

FSCAN-3000/4000/6000 is equipments that can automatically detect internal foreign matters (metal, gravel, glass, plastic, bone, etc) in processed food or defectiveness (void and cracks) inside products that cannot be confirmed visually. It is automated detection equipment that can examine omission and void of sealed off products in addition to inspection of fundamental foreign matters. 

Key Features
FSCAN-3000/4000/6000 is a powerful countermeasure for stabilized increase in revenues and against prevention of claims on foreign matter (litigation) in advance, PL and HACCP.

- Applicable subjects
- Processed food
- Processed meat
- Processed agricultural and fisheries
- Confectionary and bakery products
- Other processed food items

- Foreign matters detected : 
- Metal (Fe, Sus, Pb, Cu, etc), glass,
  gravel, and plastic, etc

- Maximization of convenience of   users 
- Automatic setting of specification for   inspection of new production model  - Designed to enable cleaning of   equipment with water 
- Daily / Monthly production   management for each model 
- MTBF, MTTR analysis and facility   management 
- Image storage (automatic storage for 1   month)/output/analysis 
- Report output function 
- System monitoring function
- Monthly alarm information output   function
- Automatic alarm function in the event   of occurrence of abnormality in   process

Detection Function 
- 0.2mm for lead, minimum for iron and   stainless steel ball
- Possible to detect up to diameter of   0.28mm
- Non-metals such as gravel and glass   can be detected to the minimum    diameter of 1.2mm


Category FSCAN-
Minimum detection capability Lead(Pb)0.2mm, Fe sphere Ø0.28
SUS wire Ø0.28 x 1mm
X-ray Output Max.80kV Max.80kV Max.80kV/120kV Max.80kV/120kV
100W 100W 100W/480W 100W/480W
Conveyor Detection speed Max. 60m/min Max. 60m/min Max. 60, 43m/min Max. 43m/min
Min. 10m/min Min. 10m/min Min. 10m/min Min. 10m/min
Width 195mm 270mm 420mm 620mm
Maximum passage height 120mm 145mm 175mm/190mm/250mm 300mm/405mm
Maximum weight
10kg(5kg Belt speed : 40m/min upon excess
Height of belt surface
750 ± 50mm
Core 2 Duo E2200 2.2G (RACK TYPE)
Window XP Professional
Management of images of defectiveness
Store on a USB port, transferable (HACCP applicable)
Masking function
Product Form, Image Brightness Masking Function (16 total types) / Maximum of 10,000 products
Model registration function
Product Registerable (HACCP applicable)
Product Management
Daily/Month/Model Product Capacity Analysis
Equipment Management 
MTBF, MTTR, Error Log, Error Analysis
Auto Teaching, Manual teaching
Image Management
Image Save/ Print/ Analysis(Defect Size measurement) (HACCP applicable)
In accordance with IP66 Standard base
Amount of x-ray exposure
Maximum amount of leakage < 10uSv/Hour
Operational environment
0°C ~ 35°C
Power supply/product weight 220V Single-phase, Max.200kg 220V Single-phase, Max.320kg 220V Single-phase, Max.480kg 220V Single-phase, Max.580kg
External dimensions 1420*767*685 mm (H*W*D) 1520*870*735 mm (H*W*D) 1700x1400x775mm (HxWxD) 1800x1900x1100mm (HxWxD)
Power consumption 1.2kw 1.2kw 1.2kw 1.5kw
NOTE 1) Actual detection sensitivity may differ in accordance with physical properties of the product (contents or shape) or environmental conditions.



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