Product : X-Ray Examination Equipment

X-Ray Detector for Foreign Matter

 Precise focus :
Precise focus size of 5 μm
Provided world best Clear x-ray image
Various output selectable depending on the testing product
-XSCAN 7090:250μA / 90Kv / 10W
-XSCAN 7100:500μA / 100Kv / 20W
-XSCAN 7130:300μA / 130Kv / 39W
Specialized Inspection system for SMT/PCB
Various option functions provided :
Tilt, Rotation, C/T, 3D
Easy to use(User friendly):
Convenient maneuvering with the use of the joystick, mouse, keyboard, etc.

LED BLU X-ray Inspection system
- Low maintenance(cost reduction)
-User friendly drawing
-Apply Maximum stage(inch-up responsive)
(wide 750 * 460mm)
-Front loading method
-Automatic location setting function
-The best stability in X-ray industry
- Amount of x-ray leakage under the legal standard

Development of Korea's first computed tomography (CT) system / Development of Korea's first Automatic Testing (AT) system 
- The Best stability in the industry
- More than 20 years of knowhow and knowledge for automation technology
- Maximization of the applicable PCB size
- Realization of high-speed and high-efficiency product inspection

The best substance inspection system has been developed through automation technology and the semiconductor x-ray inspection technology accumulated over the past 10 years at Samsung Electronics 

Product Introduction
XSCAN-H160, XSCAN-7090BW, and the XSCAN-7000 series includes X-ray inspection system for optimized high-performance SMT, which has optimized the applicable PCB size to realize the high-speed and high-efficiency Inspection system.
Furthermore, it has secured the best stability and safety in the industry (amount of surface leakage less than 1μsv/h) these inspection systems are a cabinet-type product with no liability of professional operators and facility usage reports. 

- BGA, CSP, Flip-chip
- Lithium ion battery
- Plastic injection molding
- Camera module


XSCAN-7000 Series
X-ray Tube and others
Focus Size (um) Min. 5μm
Max Tube Voltage (KV) 90/100/110/130/150kV
Max Tube Current (μA) Max. 200~500uA
Max Geometric Magnification 40x~143x
Max System Magnification 188x~2000 x
Table Size 330x 250mm
Max. Tilt Angle (°) 0°/45°
X-ray leakage dose 1μSv/h or less
Power supplier 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz
X-ray Tube and others

Focus Size (um)

Min. 5μm

Max Tube Voltage (KV)


Max Tube Current (μA)

Max. 250uA

Max Geometric Magnification


Max System Magnification


Table Size

750x 460mm

Max. Tilt Angle (°)


X-ray leakage dose

1μSv/h or less

Power supplier

220VAC±10% 50/60Hz



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