Product : X-Ray Inspection for Foreign Matter

X-Ray Inspection for Foreign Matter

 It will reduce the level of fatigue of operator due to prolonged period of
work, and elevate productivity and quality.

>Introduction to the Product
FSCAN-1000VS examines the status of tap of machine/entirety (Die Casting, high capacity electrical element, etc). This equipment is able to examine situations in which there are holes but no tap or the depth of the tap is different from normal products. It elevates productivity and quality by preventing error in the workers, in advance, due to severe fatigue of eyes when examination is being made visually by workers.


Applicable Subject

All mechanical components with tap (Die Casting products for automobile component, etc) and electronic components with tap (high capacity electrical element)

Key Features

- Outstanding optics range (the most inner tap phenomenon is visible clearly)
- Easy of work (automatic compensation of examination location)
- Easy of model change (rotary jig selection)


 Examination speed
 Min: 20ms, Max: 50ms
 No. of model being examined  Maximum of 16 models
 Resolution  20 μm
 Size  1000mm X 810mm X 460mm (H X W X L)
 Key functions  - Automatic compensation function for examination location  (vision) 
  - Production quantity counter 
  - Defectiveness quantity counter 
  - Alarm function in the event of occurrence of defectiveness 
   (buzzer and alarm light) 
  - Model selection function 
  - Production quantity, defectiveness quantity alarm reset function



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