Product : Die casting inspection

Die casting inspection

X-Ray Examination Equipment for Automobile, Machine 
and Precision Components Inspetion

Development of Korea's first computed tomography (CT) system / Development of Korea's first automated testing (AT) system 

More than 20 years of knowhow and knowledge for automation technology
-High power X-ray inspection system (Automobile components, Die-casting inspection)

The best substance inspection system has been developed through automation technology and the semiconductor x-ray inspection technology accumulated over the past 10 years at Samsung Electronics 

>Product Introduction
XSCAN-7600 Series includes optimized high performance and high efficiency die-casting exclusive Inspection system to optimize the applicable product size. Furthermore, it has secured the best safety in the business 

- Automobile component (brake, cylinder, piston, wheel, door trim, etc)
- Automobile Electric, electronic part, cables and connectors 
- Al, Mg, Zn Die-casting
- TCU, ECU, airbag sensor, etc


>Main Properties

- Specialized examination equipment for
  precision machine, automobile and
  defense die-casting products 
- Small medium die-casting specialist        inspection function 
- Precision measurement (Focus Size
  5μm) and precision computerized
  tomography (CT) function 
- Convenient measuring software tool       provided
- Internal inspection, pinhole, void, crack,  substance testing, professional    measurement function provided


- specialized inspection system large and  big machinery parts, motor vehicles,  radiation, die-casting product
- Inspection on medium large die-casting  products more than 20kg (casting and    other large parts inspection)
- Precise measuring (focus size) and    precise Computed Tomography (CT)      function
- CT and 3D function provided
- Automatic door opening system
- Internal inspection pinhole, void, cracks,   substance testing, professional          measurement function provided

XSCAN-8225 title=

- High-density Die-casting product precision inspection system
- High power x-ray tube: 225KV, 320KV 
-Customer-preferred design manufacturing
- C/T and 3D rendering software 
- Vehicle battery, automobile vehicle parts, airline and combat plane parts, precision parts inspection

- The first Automobile vehicle parts complete inspection in-line inspection system in Korea 
- Precision machinery, automobile vehicles, and radiated die-casting product
- Precision measurement (focus size 5)
- Measurement software tools with convenient use provided 
- Internal inspection: pinhole, void, cracks, substances, and measurements
Fluoroscopic Images
Fluoroscopic Images
Sample Images
Sample Images


XSCAN-7600 Series XSCAN-7630 XSCAN-7650
X-ray Tube and others
Focus Size (um)
Min. 5μm
Max Tube Voltage (KV)
Max Tube Current (μA)
Max. 300uA
Max. 500uA

Test Piece SIZE Max

150(ø) x 80(H) mm
Test Weight Max
Max.10Kg(without JIG) 
+10Kg Possibility
Max.20Kg(without JIG)
X-ray leakage dose
1μSv/h or less
Power supplier
220VAC±10% 50/60Hz
XSCAN-8000 Series XSCAN-8225 XSCAN-8320
X-ray tube Type Metal-ceramic Dual focal tube
(Horizontal type)
Min. Focal spot size
(according to IEC 136)
(according to EN 12543)
1.9 / 3.6mm
(according to EN 12543)
Max. Tube Voltage
Max. Tube Current
450W(small focus)
900W(Large focus)
450W(small focus)
900W(Large focus)
Max. Geometric Magnification
x 3.2
x1.1 ~ x5
Max. System Magnification
x 20
x 20
Table Size
Robot Arm Style (Table X)
Object Size (WxDxHmm)
(shaft type), 
(cubic type)
Object Weight (Kg)
Detector Tilt Angle
XSCAN-9000 (In-Line All Inspection )
X-ray Tube
Focus Size 5μm
Tube Current / Voltage/Power Max. 400μA/130kV/30W
Geometric Enlargement Ratio 2 ~ 80x
Enlargement Ratio on the Monitor 6x ~ 18x
Aging (Preheating) Automatic
X-ray shield box and others
Dimension 1856(W) x 1606(D) x 1995(H)
Externally leaking dose 1uSv/h or less
Power Supply 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz
XAVIS is a proud die casting inspection for various purposes such as inspecting automobile, machine and precision component. XAVIS always keeps customer’s demand in mind to provide with great quality of inspection products and become the leader of die casting inspection in the world. We will try hard to find out customer’s demand and work diligently to stand on the top of die casting inspection in the world. For more information of die casting inspection, find out below!
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