Product : x-ray-inspection


 Law on Product Liability (PL) has been effectuated.
Are you able to verify to the consumers that there are no internal defects in your products? 
We pledge that our X-ray detector will maximally reduce your worries.

Detector for foreign matter of XAVIS Co., Ltd. will detect even the minutest foreign matters in finished products.

We have developed the best detector for foreign matter through semi-conductor X-ray inspection technology and automation technology accumulated over period of 10 years at the Samsung

Introduction to the Product
FSCAN-3000/4000/6000 is equipments that can automatically detect internal foreign matters (metal, gravel, glass, plastic, bone, etc) in processed food or defectiveness (void and cracks) inside
products that cannot be confirmed visually. It is automated detection equipment that can examine omission and void of sealed off products in addition to inspection of fundamental foreign matters. 


Key Features
FSCAN-3000/4000/6000 is a powerful countermeasure for stabilized increase in revenues and against prevention of claims on foreign matter (litigation) in
advance, PL and HACCP.

- Applicable subjects
- Processed food
- Processed meat
- Processed agricultural and fisheries
- Confectionary and bakery products
- Other processed food items

- Foreign matters detected : 
- Metal (Fe, Sus, Pb, Cu, etc), glass, gravel, and plastic, etc

- Maximization of convenience of users 
- Automatic setting of specification for   inspection of new production model 
- Designed to enable cleaning of  equipment with water 
- Daily / Monthly production management for each model 
- MTBF, MTTR analysis and facility management 
- Image storage (automatic storage for 1 month)/output/analysis 
- Report output function 
- System monitoring function
- Monthly alarm information output function
- Automatic alarm function in the event of occurrence of abnormality in process

Detection Function 
- 0.2mm for lead, minimum for iron and stainless steel ball
- Possible to detect up to diameter of 0.28mm
- Non-metals such as gravel and glass can be detected to the minimum diameter of 1.2mm



FSCAN-4000 foreign contamination FSCAN-6000 FSCAN-6000


XSCAN-7600 Series XSCAN-7630 XSCAN-7650
X-ray Tube and others
Focus Size (um)
Min. 5μm
Max Tube Voltage (KV)
Max Tube Current (μA)
Max. 300uA
Max. 500uA

Test Piece SIZE Max

150(ø) x 80(H) mm
Test Weight Max
Max.10Kg(without JIG) 
+10Kg Possibility
Max.20Kg(without JIG)
X-ray leakage dose
1μSv/h or less
Power supplier
220VAC±10% 50/60Hz
XSCAN-8000 Series XSCAN-8225 XSCAN-8320
X-ray tube Type
Metal-ceramic Dual focal tube
(Horizontal type)
Min. Focal spot size
(according to IEC 136)
(according to EN 12543)
1.9 / 3.6mm
(according to EN 12543)
Max. Tube Voltage
Max. Tube Current
450W(small focus)
900W(Large focus)
450W(small focus)
900W(Large focus)
Max. Geometric Magnification
x 3.2
x1.1 ~ x5
Max. System Magnification
x 20
x 20
Table Size
Robot Arm Style (Table X)
Object Size (WxDxHmm)
(shaft type), 
(cubic type)
Object Weight (Kg)
Detector Tilt Angle
XSCAN-9000 (In-Line All Inspection )
X-ray Tube
Focus Size 5μm
Tube Current / Voltage/Power Max. 400μA/130kV/30W
Geometric Enlargement Ratio 2 ~ 80x
Enlargement Ratio on the Monitor 6x ~ 18x
Aging (Preheating) Automatic
X-ray shield box and others
Dimension 1856(W) x 1606(D) x 1995(H)
Externally leaking dose 1uSv/h or less
Power Supply 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz
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