Product : SuperBot-III Automated IC Programmer

SuperBot-III Automated IC Programmer


  • Eight built-in SuperPro 7500s for higher programming speed and throughput rate
  • Can program up to 32 chips simultaneosly 
  • Suitable for high-density chips such as eMMC NAND /NOR FLASH and SPI FLASH with programming speed up to ten times faster than SuperBot-I
  • Supports nearly 90,000 IC devices from more than 300 manufactures. Device support is quick and will not be a bottleneck to the programming process
  • High throughput, up to 1600 UPH
  • Compact design, peripheral units include:
  1. Standard and auto tray for material delivery
  2. Braid packaging machine tape out
  3. Tube for material delivery
  4. Oil ink and laser marker
  5. Tape and Tube
  • Higher reliability, stability, and safety
  • CE and RoHS Compliant



Advanced Features Available

Expanded Features

  • The largest device support in the industry
  • Utilizes industrial personal computer (with control card inside).
  • Built-in servo and vision system mode to quickly and accurately locate and complete chip capture, placement, programming and packaging automatically.
  • Eight built-in internal SuperPro 7500 modules. Efficiency is much higher than parallel-production programmers because each module burns chips independently. 
  • Advantages:
    • Modularizing system design capability.
    • Improved switching time.
    • High throughput (1600 devices per hour). 60x  higher throughput rate than SuperBOT-I for eMMC, NAND/NOR Flash, and SPI Flash devices
    • Competitive quote.
    • Short change-over time. Automatic socket positioning and project loading with barcode scanning
    • Compact size
    • Remote control for project loading, quality monitoring, volume control, and file security
  • Supports standard Tray & Tape Reel and Tube input & output for IC packages. Four pick-and-place nozzles, eight socket-pressing actuators, and two tape feeders
  • Supports laser and ink marking


  • Throughput Up to 1600 UPH (units per hour) handler index time with zero programming time for SuperBOT-I.
  • Content High performance control card & servo drive system.
  • Resolution X axis: (+/-)0.02mm; Y axis:(+/-) 0.02mm; Z axis: (+/-)0.02mm; θaxis: ±0.1°
  • Max. stroke X axis: 1000 mm; Y axis: 500 mm; Z axis: 40mm.
  • Pick & Place header accuracy (+/-) 0.07mm.
  • Operable chip size: min: 2x2 mm; max: 25x25 mm

Vision System

  • Two CCD Cameras Upward CCD for IC positioning while the downward CCD for sockets / pick-and-place spot positioning 
  • Camera 512x512 pixels
  • Field of view 30mm x 300mm
  • Vision accuracy △x=△y=0.07 mm,  △θ=0.1°

I/O Devices

Manual Tray: Manually change one tray each time (Standard equipped with purchase)
Tape-out Device: Heat sealing and pressure sealing modes. Tape width adjustable between 8 and 32mm.
Tape-In Device: YAMAHA pneumatic feeder. Tape width between 8 and 32mm applicable.
Auto Tray Device: Moves blank tray in and passed tray out the machine automatically, marking the tray (optional). Stack up to 15 JEDEC trays. 
Tube-In Device: Moves chips in the machine. Use chip guider for different chip width (optional). 
Tube-Out Device: Moves chips out the machine.Use chip guider for different chip width (optional). 
Tape Ink-Marker: An attachment to the tape-out device. Marks an ink dot on the chip.
Auto Tray Ink-Marker: An attachment to the auto tray device. Scan and put dots on the passed chips.
Laser-Marker: An optional attachment to the tape-out or the auto tray device. Marks up to 4 characters on the passed chips.

Assisted Control

  • Built-in Control : PC-based control with Windows XP.
  • Display : LCD monitor.
  • Data entry : Keyboard & mouse
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