Product : supepro-7000


High Speed NAND Flash Gang Programmer


  • Powerful programming processor supports eMMC / NAND files up to 256 GB
  • Supports Intel LR1 and LR2 eMMC modules (up to 64 GB)
  • Powerful new algorithm to program up to four chips simultaneously
  • Customized 4-socket gang adapter + Programming algorithm(Optional)
  • Devices user wants programmed could be added quickly
  • New generation of pin-driver technology ensures higher reliability
  • CE and RoHS Compliant
  • Three operating modes:

1. PC mode via USB2.0 port and PC communication.

2. Local Area Network (LAN) mode for access to LAN local or remote control

a) One or more units may be controlled by an operator for gang / cluster operation for volume programming. (Optional)
b) One unit may be shared by multiple users in a lab environment. (Optional)
c) A unit on the factory floor may be controlled remotely.
3. Stand-Alone mode (no PC required).Operates via built-in keyboard, LCD display and removable memory (standard SD card).
Setup is flexible and simple to expand (1-15 units) for large volume production on the factory floor. Projects files (limited only by SD card capacity limit) are created online and downloaded into the SD card.

Advanced Features Available

Expanded Features

  • 144-pin Universal driver
  • New pin-driver technology provides a cleaner signal, wider voltage range and more accurate clock frequency
  • Universal adapters are available for various package types (up to 144 pins)
  • Self-calibration improves chip security mechanism
  • Automatic chip detection
  • Improved overvoltage / overcurrent and ESD protection to avoid programmer damage
  • Powerful yet user-friendly software features streamline operations, improve efficiency and reduce user mistakes during programming procedures
  • Production mode start chip operation upon proper chip insertion
  • Project function simplifies processes such as Device Selection, File Loading, Device Configuration Setting, Program Option, and Batch File Setting into one step
  • Password can be set for project files
  • Batch command combines device operations like Program, Verify, and Security into a single command at any sequence
  • Serial number generator is available as standard or customer-specific functions
  • Log file is useful for quality tracking
  • Supports Windows XP / Vista / Win7
  • XELTEK adds devices upon customer's request. General algorithm upgrades completed within a week
  • Quick technical support
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