Product : superpro-6100 Universal-ic-chip-device programmer

superpro-6100 Universal-ic-chip-device programmer

USB Interfaced Ultra-Fast 144-pin Stand-Alone Universal Programmer


CE and RoHS
  • 92,000+ devices supported from 332 IC Manufacturers
  • ARM9 32 Bit MCU + Linux for algorithm processing
  • Supports NAND / eMMC devices up to 256 GB
  • Stand-alone (no PC required) and PC hosted mode
  • Built-in 144 universal pin-driver

Advanced Features Available

Expanded Features

  • Built with a universal 144-pin driver that is compatible with various package types
  • Stand-alone (No PC required) and PC hosted mode available
    • PC mode: the programmer is controlled by a PC via a high-speed USB cable for chip programming.
    • Stand-alone mode: the programmer is controlled and operated via a built-in keypad and LCD display.
    • Project files are stored in a CF (compact flash) card for convenience and data security.
  • Operate multiple units to construct a concurrent multi-programming system. Cluster 1-15 units for flexible volume production.**
  • In-system programming (ISP / ICP) capability
  • Support devices with Vcc from 1.2V - 5V.
  • Support files up to 256 GB.
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection for safety of the chip and programmer hardware.
  • Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32/64 bit)
  • Only IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms used for high reliability.
  • Vcc verification (at +5% ~ -5% and +10% ~ -10%) enhances programming reliability.
  • Advanced and powerful software functions:
    • Production mode start chip operation the moment the chip is inserted properly.
    • Project function simplifies processes such as Device Selection, File Loading, Device Configuration Setting, Program Option, and Batch File Setting into one step.
    • Password for project files can be set for volume production control
    • Batch command combines device operations like Program, Verify,and Security into a single command at any sequence.
    • Serial numbers generators are available as standard or customer-specific functions.
    • Log file is useful for quality tracking.


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