Product : IR860-II : BGA Rework Stations

IR860-II : BGA Rework Stations

We specializing in manufacturer, supplier and exporter BGA Rework Stations in Taiwan. We insist on best quality of goods must be delivered to the customers, so they can stay in the market with good reputation and competitive price in the market. We are good and efficient in OEM or ODM products development at good quality by our R&D and production line teamwork. Your enquiry will be our goal to achieve with you. More models of our products wanted, please contact us now!

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BGA Rework Stations

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Advanced Features Available

BGA Rework Stations
Model: IR860-II
SMD / BGA Rework Station
1. Compact design,light weight soldering iron and hot air blower meet various soldering demands and remove kinds of chips in repair work.
2. Best products and factory price.
3. Time delivery and the shortest delivery time.
4. Advanced infrared BGA rework station.
5. With independent preheating function , which can let you preheat pcb bords or bga chips before soldering.
6. Large power and rapid heating. Temperature can be conveniently adjusted and the temperature is accurate and stable, and not affected by airflow.
7. Stepless airflow adjusting with a wide range. Temperature can be conveniently adjusted.
8. Sensitive electromagnetic inductor in handle ensures the unit beginning working immediately so long as the handle is held. When handle is put on the holder, the system will return back to standby mode. Easy to use.

Work great for soldering/desoldering surface mount components in the circuit board of mobile phone. Suitable for heating shrink, drying, lacquer removal, viscidity removal, ice-out, pre-heating and glue soldering.



Specifications for IR860

Solderlight Control


Power Rating

220-240Vac 50 hz

Power Rating

230 vac


T2A (Slow Type)

Fuse (Delay type)

T 5 A


15Vac 150W



IR Lamp Temp. range

45º-450º Celsius (113º-842º Fahrenheit)

Temperature range

30º-350º Celsius (86º-662º Fahrenheit)

Time settings


Time settings


Size (W*H*D)

170 x 100 x 200mm
(6.7" x 3.94" x 7.9")

Size (W*H*D)

402 x 90 x 260mm
(11" x 3.5" x 10")

Net weight

7.25 lbs

Net weight

12.81 KGS

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