Product : IR860 : BGA Rework Station

IR860 : BGA Rework Station

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BGA Rework Station

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Advanced Features Available

BGA Rework Station
Model: IR860
SMD/BGA Rework Station
1. Microcomputer control, warming-up quickly.
2. The hot air SMD rework station  IR860 is engineered to meet the demanding needs of today's electronic industry, technicians, service / repair and assembly rework. The system not only increase productivity for SMD assembly and repair but achieves a new standard of quality in partnership with "Hot Air IR860" superior performance and ease of operation.
3. This soldering rework station will highly regulate the air flow and the temperature. Both the welding and the descaling shall be conducted with the same nozzle.
The auto removal of static electricity offers more safety to the elements and the operation, different ICs would be regulated to different temperatures.
4. After turning off the power, the auto cooling system remains operational, just to keep the service life of the heating elements and the handle.
5. It is applicable for galvanized welding and removal of SOP ICs and it is applicable for telescopic hoses.
Keep the nozzle in use and the element duly spaced, for protection of the elements.
6. It ensures rapid heating up, accurate and stable temperature control without being affected by the volume of airflow, which really achieves lead-free soldering and desoldering.
7. Use a V-groove equipped with a flexible fixture for PCB positioning to protect the PCB from deformation when heated or cooled, and it can rework any size of BGA chips.

Can be realized on a lead, lead-free PCB board components for heating, especially for including BGA, SMD components, PCB board.


Specifications for IR860

Solderlight Control


Power Rating

100-120Vac 60 hz

220-240Vac 50 hz

Power Rating

115 vac

230 vac


T3.15A (Slow Type)

T2A (Slow Type)

Fuse (Delay type)

T 10 A

T 5 A


15Vac 150W



IR Lamp Temp. range

45º-450º Celsius (113º-842º Fahrenheit)

Temperature range

30º-350º Celsius (86º-662º Fahrenheit)

Time settings


Time settings


Size (W*H*D)

170 x 100 x 200mm
(6.7" x 3.94" x 7.9")

Size (W*H*D)

280 x 90 x 257mm
(11" x 3.5" x 10")

Net weight

7.25 lbs

Net weight

7.25 lbs

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